• Sending our experts with full laboratory equipments to the site on a scheduled program to control corrosion and Scale

• Tests of different chemical and water analysis laboratory under international standards and using advanced equipment in less time

• Installation of special filters to separate oil from water if needed

• Preparation and Sending water quality microbiological test kits for microbiological control ( for example SRB , TBC and water drink test kit )

• Preparation and Sending Acid Inhibitors for chemical washing

• Consultancy services in the fields including water

• Holding Special training courses for corrosion control in cooling towers and boiler

• providing advice on project feasibility and especially to improve chemical water condition

• chemical washing and Sediment removal of condensers, chiller, Converters, cooling towers and boilers

• providing appropriate solutions to reduce sediment and increase production efficiency boilers and into the physical and chemical

• Optimization and is providing appropriate work to reduce water consumption in different industries

• Preparation and Sending inhibitors and materials for lavation Reverse Osmosis system (RO) and increase performance in related industries

• Preparation and Sending antifreeze inhibitor types and consumption in the range of temperature and reduced common corrosion within global standards