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Palayandeh Ab Iranian (P.A.I) Co., Ltd. is an Iranian High-tech Enterprise.
All our products are produced based on quality materials and the latest technology in the world.
We formulate, manufacture and supply high-quality Antiscalants, Biocides, Biodispersants, Washing Solutions, and
Preservatives at extremely competitive prices.
Our research team consists of a group of academics and experienced people and with the help of up-to-date knowledge have
succeeded in simulating more than 100 different and widely used products in the following areas:

• Antiscalants & Antifoulants for UF/RO MED MSF system (similar Flocon , Genesys , Permatreat , Kurita and Avista and etc
• Acid Corrosion Inhibitors for Descalers and cleaning (similar Armoib 18-31-28, Rodine 213& Rodine 60 and etc brands)
• Complete range of corrosion and scale inhibitors (similar products to Nalco and GE Betz Chemicals) for cooling and Boiler
• Disinfectants and Surfactants
• And custom products

Palayandeh Ab  Iranian Company is the result of a transformational and innovative value-creating thinking in increasing the productivity of industries, which has been able to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by industries by providing special services and targeted chemicals. The goal in this company is customer satisfaction because we believe that this satisfaction in itself will lead to development in our work.
Palayandeh Ab  Iranian Company offers complete packages of chemicals that prevent corrosion and sediment, as well as appropriate services. This means that in addition to unique chemicals, we also provide unique services to our customers and consumers. Now, if you need chemicals along with special training, operator, operational and executive services to control the sediments of water-industrial systems, we will support you to achieve all our common goals.