Our company, as a knowledge-based and leading companies, with the help of God and the experience of its specialized personnel, while providing various production and laboratory facilities, is ready to provide various services in the field of water, oil, gas as follows:

Acid washing of power plant, refinery and petrochemical equipment
• Production and simulation of various types of acidic inhibitors, including Armohib, Rodine, Schlumberger, HALLIBURTON, BAKER HUGHES
• Corrosion inhibitor in acidic and hydrocarbon environments
• Simulation and production of more than one hundred foreign products in the industry
• Production of special products according to the declared conditions with internal materials
• Scale and corrosion inhibitors similar to BETZ, Nalco, BİMAKS, Kurita, Veolia, BASF and products. Production of anti-corrosion materials and scale of boiler and chiller cooling towers according to the conditions of the set
Recycling of used membranes and used resin
Consulting and improvement of chemicals used in industrial systems and equipment
Simulation of anti-scaling (anti-fouling) types of desalination units Antiscalant, resin and membrane autopsy health laboratory
Holding training sessions and classes on scale and corrosion in industry




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